What they say about us


theycallmemaggie - review

“When it comes to the pizzas at 3 GRAINS, it not just the rectangular Roman-style shape that distinguishes them from other pizzerias, but also their pizza dough composition and leavening process making for a healthier pizza experience overall (music to my ears). And with absolutely no compromise on taste! I’m a big fan of the wood-fired style pizzas, and 3 GRAINS’ were up there with the best I’ve tried in Melbourne.“


mamma knows west - review

“Healthy pizza! That’s right folks - HEALTHY PIZZA! and tasty too! Owner Paolo is as passionate about what goes into a pizza as we are about eating pizza! This is passion on a plate folks well, a chopping board - but you get what we mean!”


penguin eats - review

“3 Grains is a no-nonsense, truly Roman eatery that takes their Italian heritage seriously. From their gorgeous, slow cooked Bolognese to their 72-hr dough cooked in a woodfire oven, you can bet on a truly authentic Italian experience…”


Gastrology.Co - review

“3 GRAINS have firmly established themselves as maestros of the Williamstown pizza scene. Customers of 3 GRAINS are rewarded with high quality wood fired pizzas packed with garden fresh ingredients. If you are in search of some of Melbourne's best pizzas, this eatery should be at the top of your list.”