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Authentic Pizza the 3 GRAINS Way

At 3 GRAINS we produce traditional Roman-style pizza with a delicious, healthy twist.

The secret to our 3 GRAINS pizza base is a handcrafted combination of 3 ancient grain flours to create a pizza base that is light, delicious and easy to digest.

By choosing a select trio of flours that are high in fibre and protein, our artisan pizza base is carefully balanced to maintain crispness and is gentle on your stomach. Add to that the traditional Roman slow ferment and fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the result is a modern take on a traditional pizza which is fresh, full of flavour and good for you!

Artisan pizza, 3 GRAINS style.

Gluten Free you ask? Of course. The same focus and attention that goes into our 3 GRAINS trio mix, goes into our gluten free base. Made from a mix of gluten free flours, it is a pizza like you have never had before - senza glutine.


Buon Appetito!



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